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Sim for Au Pair

Create your specific AU Pair travel pack for your community
1.Let the AU Pair always be in touch for social and security purposes
2.Number 1 operators throughout Europe
3.1 rate and 1 Sim for the whole of Europe
4.Sim can be used anywhere in the world at attractive rates
5.Create specific packs for your most visited destinations
Else Globe has a proven track record in connecting the world of travellers Our network counts already 40 international Travel organizations, spread all over the world. They all benefit the Else app completely build in their brand.

Complementing our philosophy, we now take ‘’connecting travellers’’ one step further! We offer a unique white label sim specifically designed for your travel community.

With our worldwide footprint with 570 networks we provide high quality mobile communications services in more than 195 countries with guaranteed service at the best price. We deliver your travel community a seamless ‘’always on’’ experience for the lowest possible price.

Choosing this model with Else Globe delivers your organisation a great white label product where you also benefit from our specific travel, marketing, content and mobile services expertise.

Benefits for your organisation:
  • New recurring cash flow as long as the traveller uses the card
  • Define your own proposition
  • Support with product marketing and go to market plan
  • Wholesale rates
  • Create virtualised loyalty programs with or without chain partners
  • Together we create spot on packages for applicable countries
  • Get closer to your community with more added value
  • Order process and custom delivery set up
  • Billing by you or Else Globe
  • Branded apps and branded SIM cards
  • Global, European and intercontinental traffic against (mostly) local rates
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Most important continent for your target audience / your community

 North America
 South America


Additional services

 Product marketing
 Money transfer
 Debit – credit card services


Most important flows

  From   To

For local traffic, please fill in as for example: US to US


Select your type of service

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If there are any questions among the Else Globe Sims or above statements, please mail us info@elseglobe.com or call us +31(0)6 22841710.