Cape Town september 2015
 Real travellers want to meet real travellers 
Else innovates with Members Only feature
More and more people are travelling abroad alone. An increasing trend since the introduction of the smartphone. The desire to meet other travellers along the way has also grown with this development. Thousands of travellers each day are finding each other now via the Else app, which this month celebrates its first anniversary.
The travellers connect app Else Globe has undergone an enormous development. Within 12 months, the app has more than 30 branded partners worldwide with a total reach of 7 million travellers.
The purpose of the app is simple; meet new friends during your travels. Who else is backpacking, studying or is an au pair in this region. Travellers find each other for example in their hostel or bus, or switch over, via the Globe Switch, to all users worldwide. So they always have travellers around them to share their adventure.
The Else app is not a dating app – rather a travel companions app. Users download the app to find companions to travel together with in the nearby vicinity or next destination, in groups or individually for a variety of activities or legs of the journey. An easy, accessible way to get in touch with one another when you're on the other side of the world and your friends are all still at home. Meet new friends ... around you! With continued growth Else Globe will be focussing on the 'cleanliness' of the app. Until now, the composition of the app users has been 95% pure travellers. However, with increased awareness of the app and the related growth, Else Globe wants to secure her services for the years to come. "The quality of the app is determined by who uses it" quote Ruud Winder, Designer and Co-Founder Else Globe. The feature to log in with a password offers "Members Only" travellers the assurance that other members also come from WYSE connected organizations. A safe idea, especially if you're travelling solo.
With global partners that distribute the app with their own identity, Else Globe has built a very strong distribution network. In this way, Else Globe will be offered to 7 million travellers worldwide. Currently the app is full of backpackers, students, volunteers, au pairs and workers abroad of all nationalities. In short, a must-have for all travellers!
  March 2015
The World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation and social travel app Else Globe have announced a key partnership agreement for 2015.
As part of the agreement, Else Globe will continue as diamond sponsor of WYSE Travel Confederation’s annual World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC), which will take place in Cape Town, South Africa this September. In addition, the partners will be working closely together to develop tailored vertical versions of the Else Globe app for different segments of the youth, student and educational travel industry for distribution to WYSE Travel Confederation’s community of over 800 members.
The Else Globe app, which enables travellers, backpackers, students and au-pairs to connect and meet with one another on the move, will be used by an estimated seven million people in 2015.
David Chapman, Director General of WYSE Travel Confederation, explained: “We have fostered a close working relationship with Else Globe over the last two years and are delighted that this has evolved into a key partnership. We look forward to continuing to connect Else Globe with our members, many of whom are already distributing its successful app to their clients as a result of their diamond sponsorship of last year’s WYSTC event in Dublin.”
Commenting on the value of the partnership to their business, Mark Wittebrood, co-Founder at Else Globe, said: “Our relationship with WYSE Travel Confederation has already proved essential to embedding Else Globe within the youth travel community.
“Working together has already resulted in new connections and new clients for us and, ultimately, an increase in the number of individuals using our app. We therefore look forward to continuing to support WYSE Travel Confederation and, in turn, the youth, student and educational travel industry as a whole over 2015 and beyond.”

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